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Welcome to Fiber by Central Florida

A locally owned internet services provider, with a focus on reliable service and low prices. 

Fiber Construction Crews

Now serving over 2,400 customers!

Fiber by Central Florida News

Fiber by Central Florida uses fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to offer affordable and reliable broadband and crystal clear phone services with no hidden fees or surprise charges. 

Benefits of Fiber Broadband

01 / Fast

Fiber technology offers lightning fast download and upload speeds. This high speed technology makes tele-doc appointments and working from home possible in rural areas.

02 / Affordable

Fiber by Central Florida offers broadband plans that will meet the needs and price points of all consumers. Check availability to see the offers in your area.

03 / Reliable

Unlike non-fiber broadband options, fiber broadband is unaffected by weather or cloud coverage, creating a more reliable, consistent service.

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